When will we see repairs?

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In the article entitled ‘A decade of road calls’, February 13, Northumberland County Council policy board member for street care and environment Ian Swithenbank states the council is mindful of the footpaths at Stobhill and is currently carrying out investigations into this matter with a view to carrying out repairs.

What does this bland statement actually mean when I have been repeatedly informed there is no funding available?

Also in the Herald, February 20, entitled ‘£600k pledge on potholes’ the leader of the council announced this substantial amount of funding is to be put towards repairing roads in Northumberland to fill in 12,000 plus potholes by June this year, with 20,000 already dealt with.

Well, you could have fooled me as a maximum of 10 have been filled at Stobhill.

Pothole filling in many areas is wasteful of money as vehicles on main routes quickly churn the filling out.

Resurfacing of damaged sections of road is the long-term solution and is money well spent.

When will the long-suffering tax-paying residents of Stobhill and Morpeth in particular, and those of Northumberland in general, actually have damaged and dangerous roads and paths repaired?

In conclusion, does the county council have a cohesive policy on anything as recently they announced an intention to sell off County Hall to pay off £130million four-year debt, to the government and to save money by dispersing council operations and staff to other locations.

Will this be sensible and save money?

I doubt it, so where has the £600k come from along with the ‘promise’ to repair footpaths at Stobhill.


Eastgate, Stobhill