WILDLIFE: Grey squirrels not all that bad

Few wild animals suffer a more tarnished reputation than the grey squirrel.

Greys are blamed for numerous atrocities, from environmental destruction to the near extinction of the red squirrel. As a consequence, they have been slaughtered in their millions, by means of poisoning, shooting and bludgeoning.

Animal Aid this week releases The True History of Grey Squirrels in Britain, which debunks these common misconceptions.

The grey squirrel is not responsible for the demise of the red squirrel.

Reds too were once labelled pests and subsequently massacred in their thousands.

Greys are falsely blamed for large-scale destruction of woodland. In reality, humans cause more environmental damage than a squirrel ever could. Vast numbers of trees, for instance, will be destroyed for the HS2 rail scheme, many of them in ancient woods.

However, for those people who do wish to deter squirrels and other wildlife from in and around their homes, Animal Aid has free advice sheets describing humane methods of deterrence. Anybody wanting them is urged to contact us on 01732 364 546.

Tod Bradbury,

Animal Aid.