Carver: I’ll walk away from Newcastle if Ashley reneges on his pledge

Mike Ashley.
Mike Ashley.

JOHN Carver says he’d “walk away” from his job at Newcastle United if he felt Mike Ashley was not going to honour his pledge to rebuild the club’s squad.

Head coach Carver and owner Ashley have come under renewed fire in the wake of Sunday’s Wear-Tyne derby defeat.

The loss, Newcastle’s fifth successive reverse against Sunderland, has compounded a miserable few months on the field.

Fans are angry at a lack of ambition from United under Ashley.

And the club’s squad has again been found wanting amid a rash of injuries and suspensions.

But Carver is adamant that Ashley will be good to his word – and sanction a major overhaul, and strengthening, of the playing staff.

Asked about the unhappiness among supporters at the club’s direction, Carver said: “I can understand that, but we’re already addressing it behind the scenes.

“They know what they have to do. Mike and (managing director) Lee Charnley know what they have to do.

“And I’m telling you now, if I was sitting here and I thought they were giving me lip service I would say ‘thanks very much, I’m off – I’m walking away from this’.

“But I’m not because I know what we have to do. I know what they’re saying to me is right. “

It was put to Carver, speaking ahead of Monday night’s game against Liverpool at Anfield, that it was a strong statement to say he would walk away.

The 50-year-old added: “Let me tell you something, if I didn’t have enough belief in what they were trying to do and the promises that they’ve said about the summer, then yes.”

Carver – who still hopes to be appointed as Alan Pardew’s permanent successor – has already held discussions over possible targets with Charnley and chief scout Graham Carr ahead of the summer transfer window.

“I know what work is being done and they’ve said it – they’ve gone on record,” he said.

“They’ve said that we need to bring players into this football club, first of all to boost the size of the squad, but also to improve the quality, to take us on.

“We can’t stand still.”

, because other clubs are not standing still and they know that.

“We have to go with them, and if we don’t, you get left behind and they know that.”

Carver says he has had his “darkest feeling” in the days since the derby defeat at the Stadium of Light.

“I’ve never, ever felt like this in my life,” he said.

“It’s the lowest, darkest feeling I’ve ever had, because I’m suffering two-fold, one as the head coach and secondly as a supporter.

“The fact it was five in a row makes it even harder to take, because it could have been a different situation, even if we could have come away with a 0-0, we would have stemmed those defeats.

“It still wouldn’t have been good enough, mind, but we didn’t and we lost the game.

“I’ll be hurting for a long time now, well into the summer, because of this situation.”