Same team, same score

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Prudhoe YC Yellows 1 Morpeth SC Galaxy 0

IN an effective carbon copy of November’s encounter at Swinney’s Field, it was an even game which was again decided by just the one goal.

Galaxy thought they’d taken the lead in the first half when Whittle tapped in after Prudhoe’s goalkeeper spilled Morrison’s shot.

However, the visitors’ celebrations were short-lived after it emerged an offside had been given against Whittle despite no flag having been raised. From there on, it was an exciting match which could have gone either way.

Nellis and Whittle were denied by the Prudhoe goalkeeper, while Galaxy were saved by the woodwork and several ricochets, which landed safely in the arms of Hope in goal.

Congratulations go to Prudhoe who have secured a top-four finish as a result of today’s match, with the race now on between Galaxy and Newbiggin Hall to claim fifth.

Morpeth: Hope; Farrier, Small (c), Dunn, McCormack; Morrison, Nellis (man-of-the-match), Takher, Lawson; Whittle, Charlton. Sub: Wilson.