First win of the season for visitors to York

Driffield 2nds   v Scarborough Hockey . Driffield go forwards pic Richard Ponter 154228d
Driffield 2nds v Scarborough Hockey . Driffield go forwards pic Richard Ponter 154228d



After a solid start last week with a point away from home against Stockton, Morpeth looked to gain the first three points of the season at Fortress Longhirst against City of York.

They got off to a good start, and the ball found its way to Ingram through the play of Breakey, who put the ball low and away from the keeper.

Morpeth continued to press, and Hudson was able to capitalise on a ball from Ingram across the goal for an easy tap-in at the back post to put them 2-0 ahead.

However, York rallied, and by half-time they had hauled themselves level at 2-2.

In the second half, Morpeth finally got the penalty corner they needed. One well-worked routine later and Kendall fired into York’s goal to take the lead.

Morpeth attacked again down the right. Breakey broke free from the centre and drove hard to the baseline and squared the ball across the face of the goal for Valentine to guide the ball home to take a commanding 4-2 lead.

But York hit back from another penalty corner before Hudson showed great stickwork to make it 5-3.

Just three minutes later, the visitors pressed again and Hudson found his way towards the opposition baseline. With an acute angle to work with, the stick went over, the arms cocked back and the ball was cracked past the keeper to make it 6-3.

At this point, Peth should have been comfortable, but again they were undone by a penalty corner which couldn’t be saved off the line by Cook.

However, some quick work from the defence, clearing the ball early, resulted in Valentine finding himself free in the D to score a lovely goal, his second of the day.

But like a pesky wasp, York wouldn’t go away, continuing to pressure Peth’s defence and scoring another from a penalty corner for the 12th goal of the match and bringing the score to 7-5.

This made for a nailbiting finale, but Morpeth held out for the win.