Hard work pays off in judo grades

The Northern Region of the All England Judo Federation held a grading at the Riverside Leisure Centre in Morpeth earlier this month.

The three All England Judo Federation affiliated clubs that participated were the Bushido Judo Kwai, the Ronin Judo Club and the Shugendo Judo Club.

Some 42 students in total were examined.

It was an important event because special grades were awarded to Andrew Bell, who became a third Dan, Pamela Germaney, who became a first Dan, and Robert Stuart, who was given his first Dan.

The following students were successful.

Juniors: Ellie Reid (6th Kyu ichi), Tammy Millican (6th Kyu ichi), Holly Irvin (6th Kyu ni), Elliot Brown (6th Kyu ichi), Aaron Laidlaw (6th Kyu ni), Edin McGee (6th Kyu ni), Jack Jeffrey (6th Kyu ni), Lucas Oliver (6th Kyu san), Matthew Welch (6th Kyu ichi), Zac Ellerby (6th Kyu san), Callum Taylor (6th Kyu ni), Sam Holmes (6th Kyu ni), Sean Clements (6th Kyu san), Josh Wylie (6th Kyu ichi), Noah Cadden (6th Kyu san), Jake Wylie (6th Kyu ni), Bailey Germaney (4th Kyu), Joe Oliver (5th Kyu ni), Thomas Dunlop (6th Kyu ni), Jack Compton (5th Kyu san), Jack Rickeard (5th Kyu ni), Tyler Germaney (3rd Kyu ni), Vince Rutherford (4th Kyu ichi), Barney Hays (4th Kyu), Joe Yates (5th Kyu san), Daniel Holmes (6th Kyu ichi), Luke Oakey (6th Kyu ichi), Millie Williams (6th Kyu san), Eloise Walker-Barras (6th Kyu ni), Lucy Simm (5th Kyu ichi), Chris Pratt (3rd Kyu san), Benjamin Van Denton (3rd Kyu san), Jessica Cairns (3rd Kyu ichi – brown), Max Bootle (4th Kyu) and Elliot Riley (3rd Kyu ni).

Seniors: Mark Oliver (3rd Kyu), Linzi Dodds (3rd Kyu) and Anthony Welch (5th Kyu).

A collection was taken during the event for the Teenage Cancer Trust and a number of donations were made.