Morpeth Harrier Jonny Taylor wins Blaydon Race

Morpeth Harrier Jonny Taylor finished ahead of a field of 3,000 in the 35th running of the Blaydon Race.

Taylor relished the warm conditions as he led almost all the way from the start in Collingwood Street, Newcastle, to the finish at Shibdon Pond in Blaydon.

He only relinquished his lead for a short period between the four and five mile mark of the near six-mile course, which he completed in a time of 26m23s.

He won by a margin of 13 seconds from Kenyan Paralympian Jonah Chesum, with Tipton’s prodigal Geordie son Ryan McLeod third in 27m02s.

Not far behind McLeod in fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh were Morpeth’s Nick Swinburn (27m07s), Wallsend’s Yarod Hagos (27m09s), and another Morpeth pairing, Ian Hudspith (27m13s), and Peter Newton (27m32s).

Hudspith was also the first Male Veteran finisher.

The Men’s Team result is still to be fully confirmed, however, with winner Taylor, being supported by Swinburn, Hudspith, Newton, plus the added performances of Lewis Timmins (8th) 28m00s, Ian Harding (10th) 28m31s, Ross Floyd (11th) 28m47s, Kevin Calvert (12th) 28m53s, and Thomas Straughan (15th) 29m03s, a club victory looks very much on the cards.

Other leading Morpeth Harriers were, Sam Hancox (21st) 29m46s, Andrew Lawrence (22nd) 29m48s, Chris Smith (24th) 29m54s, and Elliot Kelly (32nd) 30m16s, who was first under-19 man.

One of the leading finishers in the ladies’ race was Morpeth’s Emma Holt, who was sixth behind Sunderland Strollers’ Alison Dixon, who was also winning the event after four previous times of trying. Finishing 91st overall, Holt clocked an excellent time of 32m53s.

Another Morpeth Harriers lady who was well to the fore was Vicky Gibbs, who was 15th in a time of 35m59s, finishing 229th overall.

In total Morpeth Harriers had 45 runners in action on the night, with further results coming from the following:

Mark Snowball (61st) 31m51s, Tony Lewis (68th) 32m20s, Rob Hancox (70th) (4th O/45 Man) 32m22s, Fergus Bates (77th) (5th O/45 Man) 32m28s, Matthew Boyle (87th) 32m43s, Paul Waterston (100th) (9th O/45 Man) 33m14s, Neil Gunstone (149th) 33m34s, Paul Brown (158th) (10th O/50 Man) 34m23s, Jack Armstrong (178th) (4th Under 19 Man) 34m56s, Steve Haswell (216th) (23rd O/45 Man) 35m42s, Mike Winter (221st) (27th O45 Man) 35m49s, Tim Miley (272nd) (17th O/50 Man) 36m44s, Jim Alder (315th) (22nd O/50 Man) 36m56s, Peter Scaife (336th) (25th O/50 Man) 37m12s, Andrew Richardson (348th) 37m38s, Paul Banks (356th) (53rd O/40 Man) 37m46s, Craig Gair (443rd) 38m26s, Mark Crosby (509th) (44th O/50 Man) 38m32s, Jane Briggs (510th) (4th O/45 Lady) 38m50s, Andrew Haxell (719th) (100th O/45 Man) 40m21s, Lesley Chapman (785th) (3rd O/60 Lady) 41m49s, Norman Clark (838th) (18th O/60 Man) 41m58s, Mike Steven (987th) (31st O/55 Man) 43m31s, Damien Foster (995th) (145th O/40 Man) 43m34s, Steve Garrett (1110th) (162nd O/40 Man) 43m40s, Susan Smith (1499th) (45th O/45 Lady) 45m57s, Clare Walker (1607th) (227th Lady) 46m50s, Richard Sill (1884th) (56th O/60 Man) 46m56s, Jane Blackett (1912th) (43rd O50 Lady) 48m54s, and Josephine Goodfellow (3090th) (86th O50 Lady) 58m49s.