New equipment on its way thanks to Gayle

A RIDING facility near Morpeth has been reflecting on its successful bid to win some new equipment.

The Pegasus Centre in Tranwell, home of the Morpeth Riding for the Disabled Group, will soon have four large training mirrors installed in its Indoor Riding Arena thanks to para dressage rider Gayle Bloomfield, who is based at the centre.

Specialist supplier Mirrors for Training held a competition to determine who should receive a gift from the company. It named 10 people or organisations that it felt could benefit from the mirrors and left it to an online vote to determine the winner.

Gayle, who was recently named Female Personality of the Year in the prestigious North East Disability Sport Awards, was one of the nominees.

Thanks to the support of many friends and supporters, she received more than 1,000 votes in the poll and won what proved to be a popular competition.

She said: “The Pegasus Centre and Morpeth RDA Group have been fantastic in helping me achieve my dreams and it is great that I have been able to help them acquire this resource, which will be used by all their riders.”

Pegasus Centre Manager Martin Peagam thanked all those who had voted for Gayle, including those who volunteer at the centre, who also encouraged their friends and families to do the same.