Rallying call for new stars

TWO organisations are teaming up to try to find some tennis aces in Morpeth this summer.

And the sessions in Carlisle Park from Morpeth Tennis Club and Blyth Valley Arts and Leisure Trust will help people of all ages to stay active.

The programme starts this Tuesday and runs until August 30. On this day, there will be a social tennis tournament with prizes for the winners and rewards for all those taking part.

Luis Perales, Sports Development Officer for Blyth Valley Arts and Leisure, said: “We are hoping to get more than 100 people involved. They will be able to enjoy a fun sporting activity that is not costly and also make new friends.

“The other aim is to get more people playing the sport on a regular basis and hopefully these people will join Morpeth Tennis Club.”

There will be two sessions on each of the Tuesdays. The 9.30am to noon session will be for children aged 8 to 14 years old, and the 12.30pm to 3pm session will be for all age groups.

All sessions and the tournament places need to be booked and require a small charge of £2 per session.

To book your place, telephone Concordia Leisure Centre on 01670 542222. For more information, e-mail Pippajane@btinternet.com (Morpeth Tennis Club) or ryan.jensen@northumberland.gov.uk