Youngsters get off to a great start

MORPETH Harriers had a victorious start to their North East Youth Development League campaign, in their first match at Shildon Stadium on Sunday.

They won by a margin of 68pts over New Marske, ahead of Blaydon, Jarrow and Hebburn, Birtley and hosts Durham City.

In the U17 Women’s 100m, Kirsty Lang (13.8s), and Meagan Deakin (14.1s) took respective honours.

They also teamed up in the 200m, where Deakin won the B string in 29.0s, with Lang finishing third in 29.5s in a tougher A race.

In the 800m, Amber Cormack won the A race in 2m32.9s and Molly MacDonald the B string in 2m47.8s.

Louise Brett (57.9s) and Lucy Pargeter ((59.3s) were a dominant force in the 300m hurdles, as were Hannah Sheerin (5m20.8s), and Charlotte Jewell (5m44.5s) in the 1500m, who scored excellent double victories. This pair combined in the triple jump, with Sheerin’s 7.95m second in the A string, with Jewell taking the B event with 7.50m.

Kirsty Lang’s 1.25m gave her second place in the high jump. Thirds were secured by Lucy Pargeter (15.9s) in the 80m hurdles and Charlotte Jewell in the B long jump with 3.01m. Chelsey Morrison took second in the A shot with 6.50m and Molly MacDonald finished third in the B string with 4.46m.

The U17 Women’s squad finished an excellent second in the 4x100m relay in 58.4s.

In the U17 Men, Ryan Green won the triple jump with 11.76m, was second in the high jump with 1.50m and won the 1500m in 4m31.7s.

Elliot Kelly took the 1500m B race in 4m36.8s. Kelly also finished second in the 400m in 59.8s, with Joe Elder securing a B victory in 60.4s.

In the U17 Men’s long jump, Phillip Winkler produced a best of 5.51m and Alex Nesbit took the B string with 5.21m.

Winkler also finished a good second in the 800m A race in 2m09.1s. Jarod Lewis won the B race in 2m20.4s.

Alex Nesbit finished third in the 200m A race in 25.4s. Debutant Luke Hegarty secured the B race in 25.5s.

Hans Paulsen finished second in the javelin with 20.28m. Jarod Lewis finished third in the shot with 6.15m.

The U17 Men sealed victory in their 4x100m relay in 50.1s.

Harriet Priest, Hannah Brown, and Nadine Arkle all produced B victories for the U13 Girls’ squad. Priest won the 100m with 15.3s, where Arkle’s 15.2s saw her finish fourth in the A race. Arkle also won the B string javelin with 7.50m. Debutant Jessica Young-Rogers was second in the A string with 10.60m.

Hannah Brown won the B string 70m hurdles in 13.7s, with Harriet Priest third in the A race in 13.5s.

Lucy Huddleston was third in the B shot with 2.32m. Ailsa Jones was fourth in the 800m in 2m44.9s and fourth in the long jump with 3.23m. The U13 Girls’ 4x100m relay squad were third in 65.0s.

For the U15 Boys, Jacob Hopkins won the 300m in 43.7s, backed up by Josh Burton’s 45.7s, which was second fastest overall, and saw him take the B race.

Hopkins’ second victory came in the 800m, where he clocked 2m20.2s.

Euan Jones secured a B race victory in the 200m, with Mitchell Green finishing fourth in the A race in 29.9s.

Jones and Green also teamed up in the long jump, with Jones finishing second in the A string with a best of 4.73, and Green’s 3.89m securing second in the B string.

Adam Shewry won javelin with 8.49m.

Kieran Hedley finished second in the 1500m A race in 4m47.0s. Cameron Kirk finished second in the B race in 5m55.2s.

These two also linked up in the shot, with Hedley finishing third in the A string with 4.29m, and Kirk’s 3.81m securing a B string victory.

The U15 Boys won their 4x100m relay in 57.2s.

In the small U13 Boys’ squad, Alex Cunningham had an excellent win in the 1500m in 5m25.0s, and Cameron Dick superbly took the B race, with 5m37.1s, proving to be second fastest in the event.

In the U13 Boys’ long jump, Ross Charlton finished third in the A string with his best of 3.41m. Jake Lloyd was second in the B string with 3.30m.

Joe Bridden finished fourth in the 200m B string in 33.6s.

In the U15 Girls, Naomi Arkle won the 100m in 14.0s and was third in the 200m in 30.0s.

Other prominent performers in this age were Harriet Grace, third in the B race of the 800m in 3m05.7s, and Georgia Priest, third in the long jump A string with 3.42m.