A charming evening of craft-making at WI

Members of Hepscott WI making Christmas jewellery.
Members of Hepscott WI making Christmas jewellery.

Hepscott WI

The November meeting of Hepscott WI was devoted to craftwork and chat.

Committee members Carolyn Reid and Brenda Bartlett had planned a busy evening.

Brenda began by demonstrating how to make a Christmas charm bracelet by plaiting together leather strips and adding charms, followed with a necklace made with beads and a feature charm.

Carolyn then inspired us to create flower brooches to our own design. There were enough prepared kits for everyone to make all three things if we worked hard so fingers and tongues were soon flying.

The finished pieces were packed carefully into handbags either for future self-adornment or to grace the Christmas stocking of a beloved granddaughter.

The next meeting on December 15 is our Christmas Party. Whatever happens will be a surprise as only one committee member knows what will take place. All we know is that there will be mulled wine and mince pies.