An Icelandic visual delight


The March meeting saw the welcome return of Kath and Harry Gilbertson with another visual delight about their 2011 visit to Iceland.

The lovely story was told in the form of a saga of Harold and Katerina who set out to discover this magical ‘land of ice and fire’.

The quest was given to them by the Lugsugumathur (law maker) at the Althingi, the Parliament held at Thingvellir, a natural rock amphitheatre.

They travel to thunderous waterfalls, geysers blasting out water every few minutes, gazing into depths of canyons some two million years old, where in Icelandic folklore elves still live.

On through a barren grey land formed as a result of erupting volcanos under the ice field. One erupted in 1996.

Remote farming communities live and work in their shadow. At Glaumbaer, where farming has been continuous since the 1st century, an 18th century farmhouse is preserved as a museum.

Flying north to Isafjordur, they visited a fishing port where the nearby island of Vigur is home to many birds, puffins, terns and eider ducks, whose down is collected, processed and sold.

Throughout the country are some 170,000 thoroughbred horses, which are protected by a total ban on imported stock.

The return flight to Reykjavik illustrated what a totally laid-back affair Icelandic travel is.

Here they admired the stunning beauty of the Harpa Concert Centre, made up of bricks of glass reflecting all the natural changing light capturing Iceland in glass.

The talented duo were warmly thanked by Carol Napper saying how much we were all looking forward to their next visit.

The next meeting of the WI is today and is the Annual Meeting.

New members are always welcome.