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Club looks back on photographers’ work


Gracie Gray got this mini-beast.

A great picture is mainly in the eye of the photographer

I try to find a theme for the photos I choose for this column, and this time it is images that were well observed.

Top independently-published author LJ Ross.

The top 12 places in the North East for independent publishing

Durham City has been named as the North East's independent publishing hotspot, according to new rankings released by Amazon.

Lighthouses are fully automated. Picture by Ivor Rackham.

Automation is a fact of life

Reader Martin Mears shared some excellent photos with me. He took them with a compact camera.

A Walk along the Wansbeck by Sue Dawson.

Good things come in threes for club event

Morpeth Camera Club

The Northumberland Miners' Picnic at Woodhorn.

Picnic celebrates lives of miners

For over 150 years Northumberland mining communities have gathered annually to celebrate their industry, bonds, history and heritage.


Gigantic visitor lands at The Alnwick Garden

If you go down to the pond today, you're sure of a BIG surprise!

Picture by Chris Wilson

Photography goes hand in hand with conservation

I’ve said before that I am a big fan of wildlife photography.

Gangsta Granny by Birmingham Stage Company.

REVIEW: Gangsta Granny, Theatre Royal, until Saturday, September 2

David Walliams' Gangsta Granny is one of those shows that really does appeal to all ages - even little ones.


Don’t let the critics run your work down

A good friend of mine, a talented photographer, was upset because a colleague had disparaged her work. It was poetic justice that shortly afterwards a top studio asked her to put on an exhibition.


VIDEO: Pitmen Painters - two new exhibitions at Woodhorn Museum

A new body of work by a contemporary artist and an exhibition of previously unseen works, both based on the Pitmen Painters, form part of Woodhorn Museum's summer season.

Afghan Hounds Racing by Philip Charnock.

Forming memories with special images

Morpeth Camera Club

Northumberland Camera Club. Photograph by Valerie Seaward

Natural blooms put a spring in the step of photographers

Spring has finally arrived and Northumberland Camera Club is blooming marvellous.

Lone Tree, Malham, by Mark Harrison

Competitions galore for photographers

Morpeth Camera Club

Even at 1/1000th of a second, the wingtips of puffin show motion blur. Picture by Ivor Rackham.

Set sail for great bird shots

This is a great time for wildlife photography.

The 25m Greek Doric column is guarded by four couchant lions and topped by a Percy lion passant, with characteristic straight tail.

Myth of the column built to honour Duke

A distinctive and patriotic monument in the heart of Alnwick, the Percy Tenantry Column, is perhaps better known by another, more unusual name.

Winter Wonderland by Peter Hetherington

Painting-like quality in club competition

Morpeth Camera Club

Tracey Watson,  Monochrome Loch

NORTHUMBERLAND CAMERA CLUB: Simplicity is key to beauty of a black and white photo

We always see splendid black and white photos and this month was no exception, despite the club’s theme for April being all about colour.


Northumberland launches events to tie in with Great Exhibition of North

An eight-week programme of events celebrating Northumberland is taking place this summer while millions of extra visitors are in the region for the Great Exhibition of the North.

Whats on
The display of daffodils at Alnwick Castle.

A host of 250,000 daffodils - planted by hand at Alnwick Castle

The stunning display of daffodils at Alnwick Castle is generating quite a stir this year.
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