A beautifully-written treasure

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BOOK REVIEW: The Silver Dark Sea by Susan Fletcher

THIS is a book to be treasured, to take your time over. Each word is perfectly chosen and poetic in nature.

The story is set on the Island of Parla and is set in the present day. Four years prior to the start of the story Tom, husband to Maggie the narrator of the story, goes missing in a tragic accident out at sea.

The story starts with a man being washed up onto the beach; he has amnesia and is taller and stronger than any normal man. There is a folk tale within the Island’s culture which says that a man will one day be washed up onto the beach and that he will be The Fishman and that within a month he will disappear back into the sea and the island and its residents will be changed because of his stay.

This story, the setting and its characters are beautifully written.

I found myself wanting equally to savour each word and wanting to rush through each page to find out what happens to them all. I read so many books and rarely has one touched me as this one has.

I laughed and cried along with the characters and wanted their character traits to stay with me so that I could learn from them: Abigail’s belief, Tabitha’s warmth and zest for life and Jim’s knowing and love.

This is a book for people who are passionate about reading, who love poetry and who are looking for a really great read that will stay with them long after the final word is read.