Alan imparts his audio visual advice

Morpeth camera club

On Tuesday, September 16, the club welcomed Alec Cowley – a member of the Cramlington Audio Visual Group – who gave a talk about producing audio visual presentations.

Audio visual (Av) production is a method of combining photographs and music to create a film show, which can be viewed either on a computer or burned onto a DVD for showing on a television or through a projector.

Mr Cowley explained that controlling the duration of the photograph and using transitions can transform photographs to create a more dramatic effect.

He demonstrated examples of effects, simple fades and sliding transitions and by moving slides around to match images to the type of music selected, one can create a story rather than simply using a series of photographs with no continuity.

He also showed three of his fascinating and entertaining Av productions. First up was ‘Night Tyne’, which opened with a series of misty, moving images of the riverside and continued with stunning colourful shots of the bridges using very clever transitions.

‘Flying Machines’, a series of photographs taken at the Sunderland Air Show using a fast and humorous pace of music, resulted in an amazing display of aerobatics across the screen with a great sense of movement and drama.

The third one was ‘Inside Cragside’ – a selection of images of its interior set to quiet music, with long transitions to create a calm atmosphere.

Mr Cowley stressed that one can easily be drawn into overproduction by using too many transitions which are not pleasing to the eye.

He added that usually a piece of music can inspire him and he will take photographs to match the mood of the music, but he can often look through his collection of photographs and see a theme developing and he will then choose a piece of music to compliment them.

Club chairman Steve McDonald thanked Mr Cowley for his great presentation.