All creatures great and small

FROM frogs and toads to crocodiles and snakes, all kinds of creatures can be found in Disney’s The Wonderful World of Knowledge.

Reptiles and Amphibians is this week’s book in the fantastic 24 full colour, encyclopaedic set, which is aimed at children aged five to ten years.

Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy are just some of the characters making an appearance in this book as the pages come to life with Asian flying frogs, fire-bellied toads, tiger salamanders, American alligators, giant saddleback tortoises, panther chameleons, komodo dragons and flying snakes, to name but a few of the species featured.

Children will be amazed by the fascinating facts and information panels, for example who would have thought that fearsome Nile crocodiles can carry their young gently in their mouths? Or that screech owls in the United States take thread snakes to their nests, not to eat them, but so the snakes will clean up by eating all the insects in them?

Next week we stick with our animal friends as the magical knowledge journey reaches The Kingdom of Mammals.

There, families can find out more about the many different creatures living in the world’s forests, jungles, tundra, desserts, plains and seas.

Morpeth pupil, seven-year-old Ellie McLaughlin was lucky to enjoy a preview.

She said: “This book tells you about animals. I like the book because it has got mammals in and it is interesting.

“The things I like most in this book are the pictures and all of the animals.

“I will read other books by the same author because I like the book.”

Each book in the collection costs £2.99 and is available with the Morpeth Herald from participating newsagents.

If you have missed a title, call into our office in Newgate Street or call us on 01670 517171 and we can arrange for copies to be provided.