Archive seeks help to find useful records

An appeal has been issued to find a valuable history resource for finding out about Morpeth’s military records.

Northumberland Archives has produced a new series of CDs containing the Absent Voter Lists (AVL)for the county from 1918 to 1920.

The registers list the people entitled to vote, but who are away serving King and country at the end of the First World War.

They include names, addresses, military service numbers, regiments, battalions, ship names and more.

Three discs have been produced for the Parliamentary divisions of Wansbeck, Berwick and Hexham, containing more than 71,000 names, but the Morpeth constituency list is not available.

And archivists are keen to find a copy.

Northumberland Archives Head of Collections Sue Wood said: “We would love to know more about the AVLs for the Morpeth Parliamentary Division. Unfortunately, they have not been deposited with our archive.

“ If anyone has any information about their existence outside the British Library or National Archive, we would welcome a call.

“The records that are available to us for the other Northumberland divisions are an invaluable source of information to researchers, and not just family historians, but anyone delving into village history or regiments.”

The General Election of 1918 was the first to give all men over the age of 21, women over 30 and military personnel over 19 the right to vote. The first AVL was published in October 1918.

The records held by the archives can be found in person at Woodhorn Museum near Ashington, or discs can be bought for £20 from an online shop at

Anyone with information about the Morpeth list can contact Northumberland Archives on 01670 624455.