Author mixes history with technology

Photo shows Janet and Dean with Kindle and traditional books at St Paul's Church in Jarrow
Photo shows Janet and Dean with Kindle and traditional books at St Paul's Church in Jarrow

A MORPETH author is soaring up the book charts after turning to new technology.

Janet MacLeod Trotter is used to looking to the past for her North East historical novels, which feature political and social events from the last century.

But she is also embracing the modern age to bring her work to a new readership through e-books.

The move has seen all three of her books in The Jarrow Trilogy, based on the early life of Catherine Cookson, reach the Kindle top 100 of Amazon’s e-book chart, which features 890,000 books.

A staggering seven of her novels are in the top ten of the Internet giant’s Family Saga category, including the highest three positions, and another best-seller, The Vanishing of Ruth, features highly on Waterstones’ e-charts.

Mrs MacLeod Trotter said: “I’m seeing people buying a lot of my books on-line in multiple orders as it is so easy to simply click and buy.

“In the last three months there have been over 30,000 downloads of my e-books and the figures are rising month on month.”

The traditional books have been re-branded with the help of graphic designer Dean Furness, of DS Design and Print, who has re-designed the covers to use old photographs of the author’s ancestors and then converted them to digital media.

Mrs MacLeod Trotter is delighted with the result.

“Whilst e-books have been around for a number of years they’re now really taking off and they are a great way for authors to make all their books available to a much wider audience.

“Dean’s creative talents in the design of new covers have really helped make them stand out on the various e-book selling websites,” she said.

Mr Furness said: “This has been a great project to work on.

“Using the old photographs has really brought the books to life and readers, both traditional and modern, can now imagine what life must have been like during those hard times in the past.

“I’m really pleased to have been able to help take Janet’s books to a new level.”

The pair are now working on the conversion of more of the author’s books to the e-format.