Bake, make, grow and show

Stannington-make-bake-grow&show 2012
Stannington-make-bake-grow&show 2012

VILLAGERS have been busy making, baking and growing to make the third Stannington Show another success.

In all, 115 entrants submitted their produce for the event on Saturday, September 29, with entries received for all 74 classes.

Although numbers were down in the vegetable section due to the wet summer weather, the general trend was up and particularly popular was the Victoria sandwich cake class, which attracted 22 entries, and growing seed potatoes in a bucket, which had 23 entries.

The dog show, fancy dress and scarecrow competitions were also well supported.

Evening entertainment included a fish-and-chip supper and a dance, and there was plenty of fun at The Ridley Arms as the auction of produce took place.

A total of £2,300 was raised and after costs are taken out, the money will be split between Stannington First School, St Mary’s Church and the Village Hall.

Sandra Dickinson, who helped to organise the event, said: “It was very good.

“The vegetable side was down, but that is due to the weather we’ve had. It’s interesting that generally the number of entries is increasing as the years go on and we get good feedback from the different classes.

“We have raised quite a lot of money so it is a good fund-raising event and it also brings the community together. The auction on the Sunday night was a real hoot.”

The Banks Shield for Most Points was won by Mrs Dickinson with 51 points. Second place went to Nicky McFetrich with 25 points, and third was Karen Carins with 19 points.

The Trish Gordon Silver Salver for Best Bake went to Jeannie Dungait for her apple jelly.



Coloured embroidery wool: 1 Janet Bannister, 2 Ann Ritchie; Coloured embroidery silk: 1 Janet Bannister, 2 Susan Taylor, 3 Isobel Legard; Knitted item: 1 Debbie Dickinson, 2 Susan Taylor, 3 Flo Mitchell; An item of country craft: 1 Susan Hunter, 2 Joan Watson, 3 C Armstrong; Home-made card: 1 Anne Yaeman, 2 Sandra Dickinson, 3 Nicky McFetrich; Item of home-made woodwork/metalwork: 1 and 2 David Metcalfe, 3 Mark Legard; Decorated wooden spoon: 1 Karen Carins, 2 Sandra Dickinson, 3 Nicky McFetrich; Painting, Diamond Jubilee theme: 1 Karen Carins, 2 Nicky McFetrich, 3 Liz Ferguson; Home-made sewn item: 1 Anne Yaeman, 2 Kay Hampson, 3 Sandra Dickinson.


Best British landscape: 1 Don Williams, 2 Brown family, 3 Roger Dickinson; Best British animal: 1 Don Williams, 2 A and S Yaeman, 3 Charlie Bainbridge; Best flora: 1 Nicky McFetrich, 2 D Hampson, 3 Wendy Calder; Best agricultural: 1 Don Williams, 2 Debbie Dickinson, 3 Robson Philipson; Children at play: 1 Nicky McFetrich, 2 Mr Armstrong, 3 Sandra Dickinson.

Children’s Classes

Painting of a farm animal: 1 Charlotte Holmes, 2 Alice Hepton, 3 Stannington School; Plasticine animal: 1 Conall Fearon, 2 Beth McFetrich, 3 Alice Hepton, Iris Rawsthorne (special prize); Handwriting: 1 Iris Rawsthorne, 2 Alice Hepton, 3 Carmen Ord, Mia Anderson Kingsley (special prize).


Four cheese scones: 1 Kay Hampson, 2 Kelly Fearon, 3 C Armstrong; Four plain scones: 1 Joanna Craigs, 2 Ann Wilson, 3 Anne Yaeman; Four shortbread biscuits: 1 Joan Bynon, 2 Tricia Gordon, 3 Sandra Dickinson; Victoria sandwich cake: 1 Joan Bynon, 2 Hazel Miller, 3 Jeannie Belton; Swiss roll: 1 Tricia Gordon, 2 Susan Moore, 3 Joanna Craigs; Gingerbread: 1 Janet Martin, 2 Joanna Craigs, 3 Jeannie Dungait; Fruitcake: 1 Sandra Dickinson, 2 Ann Wilson, 3 Ann Ritchie; Fruit pie: 1 Sandra Dickinson, 2 Hazel Miller; Savoury flan: 1 Julie Philipson, 2 C Armstrong, 3 Jeannie Dungait; Loaf of bread, breadmaker: 1 Susan Hunter, 2 Mike Calder, 3 Jen Glennie; Loaf of bread, non breadmaker: 1 Nicky McFetrich, 2 Susan Hunter, 3 Annie Ritchie; Jar of jam, any variety: 1 Karen Carins, 2 Amelia Lawson, 3 Isobel Legard; Jar of lemon curd: 1 Nicky McFetrich, 2 Susan Hunter, 3 Julie Philipson; Jar of raspberry jam: 1 Sandra Dickinson, 2 Helen Brown, 3 Nicky McFetrich; Jar of chutney: 1 Kay Hampson, 2 Sarah Holmes, 3 Karen Carins; Jar of marmalade: 1 Kay Hampson, 2 Karen Carins, 3 Sandra Dickinson; Jar of jelly: 1 Jeannie Dungait, 2 Karen Carins, 3 Susan Hunter; Bottle flavoured spirit: 1 Joanna Craigs, 2 Sandra Dickinson, 3 Brown family; Cookery disaster: 1 Susan Moore, 2 Nicky McFetrich, 3 Wendy Calder; Four fairy cakes: 1 Brown family, 2 Amelia Lawson, 3 Carmen Ord, Beth McFetrich (special prize), Alice Hepton (special prize); Two gingerbread men: 1 Beth McFetrich, 2 C Armstrong, 3 Stannington School.

Flowers and vegetables

Tallest sunflower: 1 Charlie Bainbridge, 2 Zac Sexton, 3 Sandra Dickinson; Largest sunflower head: 1 Charlie Bainbridge, 2 Kay Hampson, 3 Sandra Dickinson; Largest onion: 1 Sandra Dickinson, 2 Roger Dickinson; Heaviest turnip: 1 Jen Glennie; Heaviest pumpkin: 1 Sandra Dickinson; Heaviest marrow: 1 Robson Philipson, 2 and 3 Stannington School; Three onions from seed or sets: 1 Mr Haywood, 2 Susan Wilson, 3 Sandra Dickinson; Four potatoes: 1 Rosie Philipson, 2 John Moore, 3 Rita Moore; Four beetroot: 1 Sandra Dickinson, 2 Rita Moore, 3 Robson Philipson; Four tomatoes: 1 Robson Philipson, 2 Kay Hampson, 3 Susan Wilson; One cucumber: 1 Sandra Dickinson; Four pieces of fruit: 1 Karen Carins, 2 Max Raines, 3 Helen Brown; Unusual shaped vegetable: 1 Unknown, 2 Zac Sexton, 3 Sandra Dickinson.

Best Scarecrow: 1 Alistair Yaeman, 2 Stannington School, 3 Hepton.

Foliage arrangement: 1 Sandra Dickinson, 2 Nicky McFetrich, 3 Joan Watson; Vase of sweetpeas: 1 Richard Ferguson, 2 Robson and Lynne Moore; Flowering houseplant: 1 Fran Rawsthorne, 2 Lyn Patrick and Sandra Dickinson, 3 Karen Carins; Mini arrangement of flowers: 1 Sandra Dickinson, 2 Nadine Metcalfe, 3 N McFetrich and J Watson; Three roses in a vase: 1 Sandra Dickinson; Gent’s buttonhole: 1 Sandra Dickinson, 2 Nicky McFetrich, 3 Susan Hunter; Lady’s spray: 1 Sandra Dickinson, 2 Unknown, 3 Karen Carins.

Three eggs: 1 Susan Hunter, 2 Robson Philipson, 3 Mr Wharrier; 2lb of wheat: 1 Ian Craigs, 2 Roger Dickinson, 3 Sandra Dickinson; 2lb of barley: 1 John Moore, 2 Ian Craigs, 3 Roger Dickinson; Hay: 1 Robson Philipson, 2 Richard Philipson, 3 Stuart Dickinson; Wheat straw: 1 Richard Philipson, 2 Michael Dungait, 3 Roger Dickinson; Barley straw: 1 J McBryde, 2 John Moore, 3 Louisa Craigs; Horse haylage: 1 Roger Dickinson, 2 Robson Philipson, 3 Rosie Philipson; Potato in a bucket: 1 John Moore, 2 Joan Byron, Mike Wharrier, Mrs Irvine, 3 Mike Calder, Max Philipson; Vegetable animal: 1 Alice Hepton, 2 Conall Fearon, 3 Chloe Sanderson, Phoebe Kilmurray (special prize), Beth McFetrich (special prize); Mini garden on a plate: 1 Nicky McFetrich, 2 Jeannie Belton, 3 Isla Fearon, Chloe Holmes (special prize).


Large dog: Nickie Charlton with Oscar; Medium dog: Kitty Kilmurray with Tilly; Small dog: Brian Ford with Louie; Best in Show: Nickie Charlton with Oscar.