Bridget’s book makes bestseller list

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A MORPETH author’s first book on local history has made it into the top 20 bestsellers’ list.

Bridget Gubbins penned The Curious Yards and Alleyways of Morpeth after exploring the hidden history and nooks and crannies of the area to satisfy her own personal interest.

But little did she imagine that the book would strike such a chord with others and was amazed to be told it had made it into the national bestselling list from independent book stores across the country.

Appleby’s of Morpeth has sold 125 copies alone.

Mrs Gubbins said: “I was very surprised when the lady from Appleby’s saw me in the street and told me I was on the bestseller list.

“I thought she might have meant for Morpeth, or the north east, but then she said it was nationally. I couldn’t believe it. It’s amazing.

“I think it’s partly because it looks so nice because the front cover is a wonderful drawing by Victor Ambrus, a nationally-known illustrator.

“I had no idea the book would be so popular. I did it because it was interesting to me and I toyed the idea around local organisations like the Greater Morpeth Development Trust and Morpeth Town Council and they were very supportive. Other than that I didn’t really know how it would go down.”

Mrs Gubbins, of Old Bakehouse Yard, has previously written two books about the threat of nuclear power to Druridge Bay, but this is her first on local history and places.

However, it may not be the last.

“I will be doing some more things, but they are under wraps for now,” she said.

The Curious Yards and Alleyways of Morpeth, telling the story of the network of links criss-crossing the town, is available for £5.