Bridie has bags of success

Souvenir bag designed by student Bridie Bloor seen at Woodhorn Museum.
Souvenir bag designed by student Bridie Bloor seen at Woodhorn Museum.

A MORPETH teenager’s idea to add a little history to a shopping accessory is proving a hit at a county museum.

Bridie Bloor and her team designed some special bags during a project at Woodhorn in Ashington and they are now flying off the shelves after being put into production.

The Year 13 student at King Edward VI School, who lives in Lancaster Park, was one of more than 50 young people from Bedlington, Morpeth, Ashington and Whitley Bay to take part last summer in a week-long activity under the Museumaker initiative.

They were divided into groups and tasked to set up a fashion label and come up with a product, with the incentive that the winning item would be made by Woodhorn and sold in its shop.

Bridie’s team went with the idea to create shopping bags inspired by the museum’s images and artefacts.

Two have been made — one carries powerful slogans from the proud Miners’ Banners and the other reflects the social side of their community life with details of a leek show and a folk evening.

“It was a lovely week and in hindsight I learned quite a lot, including how shops work, what is needed to be an entrepreneur and the history of Woodhorn,” said Bridie.

“We had to think of something that the shop didn’t have and we decided to go with the shopping bags as they could be personalised based on what is in the museum and are cost effective to make.

“We did some market research and a presentation at the end of the week. I really enjoyed it whatever happened, but to find out the bags were being made was a great bonus. I’m told they are already selling quite well.”

Prototype products were made under the guidance of marketing, business and design entrepreneurs, as well as the London College of Fashion.

Woodhorn Assistant Director Jo Raw said: “We are thrilled that our visitors now have the chance to take home unique souvenirs of their visit to Woodhorn.”