Capturing the world in digital

MORPETH camera club has two digital cameras and throughout the season each member was tasked to take a camera for one week and produce five images.

These images could not be adjusted or altered on the computer and were shown as taken.

The aim of the exercise was to make members more aware of the workings of a camera and to produce images with the emphasis on composition and exposure.

Twenty members took up the challenge and the results were shown on Tuesday, April, 10. It was interesting to see other members’ work and the vast array of different subjects taken. During the presentation members explained what they had done and why, while the audience responded with light-hearted comment and suggestions.

Everyone is used to their own camera and to suddenly have to produce five images for other members to view, with a camera you have not seen or used before was quite challenging for some.

The club meets every Tuesday night at 7.30pm at Morpeth Methodist Church in Howard Terrace.

Our programme for the season includes various guest speakers, interclub and internal competitions (involving prints, digital images, and audio-visual presentation), and teaching sessions on digital techniques, practical nights and social evenings.

For further information regarding the club, its programme, gallery and forthcoming events, visit our website

New members will be made most welcome.