Celebrity pooch painting forms backdrop for national TV show

Vibrant night Bamburgh by Karen Willis
Vibrant night Bamburgh by Karen Willis

A Morpeth artist’s painting of a celebrity’s pet pooch has been used on the set of a national television show.

When discussing studio features for Weekend Kitchen with Waitrose on Channel 4, which started earlier this year, co-presenter Steve Jones said he would like a painting of his dog, Dexter.

One of the people working on the Saturday morning programme (Lisa Snowdon is the other presenter) put him in touch with Karen Willis and he sent her some photographs to work from.

Her work impressed the presenters and the production team and it was framed and fixed to the wall in an on-camera position.

Mrs Willis said: “I was delighted that Steve and the people running the show liked my painting.

“It was fun doing an animal portrait as I don’t often do them.

“It felt strange at first seeing it on television, but the feeling soon changed to pride as thousands of people were seeing my work.”

A range of her paintings, including landscapes, seascapes and oil pieces, are currently on display at Blagdon Gallery in an exhibition entitled Call of the Wild.

The scenes are from different areas of the UK, such as north Northumberland, the west coast of Scotland and the Welsh countryside.

“I love skies when they change colour and I enjoy capturing the beauty of the countryside, including various wildflowers, and the tranquility of the coast,” said Mrs Willis.

“It can be quite difficult to paint outdoors, so the good weather we’ve had this summer has been a big help.”

The exhibition runs until Sunday, November 2.