Children swap their classroom for the catwalk

Abbeyfields First School fashion show.
Abbeyfields First School fashion show.
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PROUD pupils strutted their stuff on the catwalk to mark a week of creative learning.

Children at Morpeth’s Abbeyfields First School organised their own fashion show as part of Climate Change Week.

The youngsters spent a week learning about the environment and pollution, and what they can do to make a difference.

Part of the project focused on recycling and the costumes for their show were put together from waste materials and old clothes that were given a revamp.

Headteacher Sandra Ford said: “We had a whole week where we closed the curriculum and the children learnt all about the effect that climate change is having on the world and the different things we could do to help the planet.

“Part of that was recycling so the fashion show was a lot to do with dressing ourselves in plastic bags. The children also adapted their existing clothes to give them a make-over and show they could create something quite fashionable, rather than buying new clothes.

“The whole thing was fab and the children really enjoyed it. They got an awful lot out of the week.”