Clearly a good move for Helen

Stained glass artist Helen Grierson at work in her studio at Eshott Heugh.
Stained glass artist Helen Grierson at work in her studio at Eshott Heugh.

A NORTHUMBERLAND stained glass artist has returned to the county for her latest venture.

Helen Grierson started making her pieces as a hobby about six years ago, mostly for friends.

She decided to take it more seriously and worked out of her garden shed before moving into a studio in Newcastle connected to The Biscuit Factory art gallery.

While this had some advantages, it was far from ideal and so she was delighted to move to the Eshott Heugh Farm site close to where she lives.

“Although it was good being part of an artists community, rather than being on my own in a shed, the Newcastle studio was small and not open to the public so when a unit became available at Eshott Heugh I took it,” said Ms Grierson.

“This space has enabled me to expand in terms of offering workshops, I am able to be open to the public and I can also sell small glass items from it.

“After having gone through a pretty bad winter and inaccessible roads I think things are going ok.

“People are coming in to have a look and buying the items on sale and I’ve got contact details for those who are interested in workshops and some commission work.”

Her inspiration is the natural shapes and beauty found in the local countryside, waters and coastlines and she designs items for both inside and outside the home.

She also works with fused glass, designing smaller items such as coasters, dishes and hanging ornaments.

The A1 Glass Studio and Gift Shop also sells items and gifts made by a selection of well-known Northumbrian artists.

For more information about opening times, workshops, or individual tuition opportunities, telephone 07905 478767 or email