Club collects the crown on Borders digital raid

MORPETH Camera Club revived an age-old tradition of crossing the border into Scotland in search of glory and riches as members took part in the 40th Borders Digital Challenge.

This annual event, held at Hawick High School on Sunday, March 25, is a projected digital image competition, in which each club enters 12 photographs.

These pictures were marked by an invited, independent judge, and this year that honour fell to Jane Black of Sunderland Photographic Association.

A buffet tea was provided before the event and the 14 clubs who accepted the invitation to take part sat down to enjoy the images and hear the judge’s comments.

The standard was high as images from Amble, Berwick, Dumfries, Duns, Earlston, Galashiels, Hawick, Hexham, Kelso, Liddersdale, Morebattle, Morpeth, Morton and Wooler Camera Clubs were shown.

Travelling outside their local area, it was refreshing for the members present to see some different images from places they did not recognise, as well as different styles from individual photographers.

At the halfway stage things were tight and Morpeth had a slight lead with 85 marks to Hexham’s 81 marks.

The second half continued in the same manner and tension mounted as the marks fluctuated and Hexham drew ahead.

With one image to go, Hexham were on 146 marks and their last image scored 11, giving them a total of 157.

Morpeth were on 140 marks and the judge gave their last image 17 – after a re-check of the scores it was confirmed that Morpeth and Hexham had tied for first place.

For the first time that anyone could remember, both clubs then had to show their two reserve images, held back for such an event.

Jane Black looked at the images and scored Morpeth 16 and 13 to Hexham’s 12 and 11.

Morpeth Camera Club had won the Borders Digital Challenge for the first time and President Vince Rooker accepted The Reiver Cup on behalf of the club.

Members who were expecting an interesting, humorous and colourful presentation were not disappointed when Alan McCormick came to the Morpeth Camera Club meeting on March 27.

In fact, his opening comment was: “Who expects a serious picture show? Then here is the door.”

Alan, a member of Hexham Camera Club, treated those in attendance to a colourful selection of his photographs, which included Istanbul architecture, graffiti and scenes from Greece, Kos and Prague, which conveyed his love of pattern and the colour red.

His presentation continued with a selection of Hexham landscapes, street scenes and places of worship. He then showed photographs with a blue theme, taking in stunning pictures taken in Mykonos and other areas of Greece.

His photographs of hoare frosts in the Lakes, charming images of children and birds, studies of his granddaughter and special enactment days in Beamish followed, all interspersed with humorous anecdotes. Abstracts, reflections and transport images concluded the presentation.

Dave Illingworth, Club Chairman, thanked Alan for a very entertaining evening.