Compelling wartime story

Book review – My Friend the Enemy by Dan Smith.

SET during the Second World War in Northumberland, My Friend the Enemy is a novel about a 12-year-old lad, Peter, who witnesses a German plane crashing on the local landowner’s estate.

On returning to the wreckage with his friend Kim, he discovers that one of the German aircrew, Erik, has survived but is wounded. Instead of handing Erik over to the army, Peter and Kim treat his injuries and try to keep him hidden and safe.

The book is full of wonderfully drawn characters, with Peter at the centre who is not only trying to cope with his father fighting in Europe, but feels responsible for his mother and protective towards her, especially when local bullies make insinuations against her.

This book really evokes a sense of the time and place, and is packed full of historical facts. This is a great novel and anyone who loves Michael Morpurgo would find it an enjoyable book to read.

The author of My Friend the Enemy, Dan Smith, will be signing copies of his book in the Morpeth branch of Waterstones on Saturday between 2pm and 4pm.

l On Thursday, August 22, children’s author Karen Langtree will be in store between 11am and 4pm signing copies of her books.

Jo Graham