Culture vultures SNAP to it

Bangla, Iraqi, Basque and English members on a heritage walk learning about Morpeth local history.
Bangla, Iraqi, Basque and English members on a heritage walk learning about Morpeth local history.

CULTURE vultures will be taken from France to China, sampling several countries along the way, in a fun-packed event at Morpeth Library.

Local international group SNAP (Sharing (K)nowledge and Pleasure) is hosting the event to show the different languages, songs, games, dances and food of the world.

Morpeth Mayor Phil Taylor will be guest of honour, but anybody is welcome to join in.

The event takes place on Saturday, beginning with a short chat about SNAP, followed by several group activities.

There will be singing in French, Polish and Chinese, a Basque animal game and a lullaby in Afar, an East African language.

Families can join Arabic and German nursery games, Chinese and Spanish circle games and a Thai circle dance.

From 11am there will be a chance to sample international food and drink, with Arabic, Polish, Thai and East African snacks, cheese scones, flapjack, tarte au citron, baklava, Spanish tortillas and Turkish burek.

The session will form part of the Heritage Open Days scheme and will be led by SNAP members.

SNAP Co-ordinator Bridget Gubbins hopes it will encourage even more people, both from Morpeth and overseas, to join the group and attend its weekly meetings.

“We hope this will give us a boost and encourage new people to come along, especially people from overseas,” she said.

“We are also open to local people who are interested in meeting people from other countries.

“Our members enjoy learning about British culture and meeting new people because sometimes they can be isolated in their own communities. They can also practice their English.

“It is really interesting for people to learn about other cultures, for example we had one of our Islamic ladies telling us about Eid and Ramadan and she brought some cakes along. One of our Spanish members was fascinated by it and was asking lots of questions so it is a two-way thing.

“It is a lot of fun. We go to lots of places and do expeditions. Quite a few of the Mums have small children so they come along as well.”

The group meets at Morpeth Library in Gas House Lane on Mondays from 5.30pm and new members are welcome to attend.

The cultural event will be held at the library on Saturday, from 10am to noon.