Dip into a great read this summer

EVEN though the weather is not that great at the moment, you can always relax indoors with a great read.

Here at Waterstones Morpeth we love helping our customers discover some of the great books we have on our shelves.

Some of our favourites at the moment are:

The Observations, by Jane Harris, which is set in 1863 and is narrated by the sharp and vividly alive Bessy Buckley who runs away from Glasgow and finds herself working as a maid at Castle Haivers for Arabella Reid, who treats Bessy in an odd manner giving her strange orders to carry out and asks her to keep a journal recording her innermost thoughts.

Bessy discovers what Arabella is up to and impulsively sets out to get vengeance, which in turn unleashes an extraordinary chain of events.

The Observations is populated with a host of great characters, but at its heart is the wonderful voice of Bessy who is one of those characters who you miss when you finish the book.

A remarkable debut novel from Jane Harris, who has gone on to write Gillespie and I, another of our favourite reads.

The Whisperer, by Donato Carrisi, is a great crime/thriller read for the summer, which has slipped past many readers’ radars.

Dealing with the difficult subject of a serial killer who abducts children, this is a dark crime read and not for the faint-hearted.

It does contain some difficult scenes, but it is well plotted and it is the plotting which carries you along on this rollercoaster of a read.

11.22.63 by Stephen King is out now in paperback.

This new offering from the master storyteller is not a horror read with which he is usually associated, instead its a what if read.

Jake Epping is a high school English teacher who finds that he can travel back through time.

He becomes involved in an attempt to rewrite history by preventing the assassination of JFK.

If you are thinking to yourself this is too ‘science fictiony’ for me, think again.

King is a natural storyteller whose strength lies in giving his readers great characters to latch onto, as well as producing a plausible, well researched plotline.

If you have never tried King and have always thought he’s not for me, 11.22.63 is probably the novel to introduce you to him and may set you on course to read some of his other novels.