Don’t miss this week’s great book

Nadeem Shah with Disney book The Human Body.
Nadeem Shah with Disney book The Human Body.

THE magical journey into Disney’s The Wonderful World of Knowledge continues this week with the second book of the stunning series.

Planet Earth follows on from the fabulous free Dinosaurs book, which was handed out with the paper last week, and is again packed with fascinating facts and colourful illustrations, featuring your favourite Disney characters.

Chapters include The Story of the Earth, Moving Continents, Rocks and Fossils, What Makes the Weather? and Climates of the World, to name but a few, with 54 pages of information about the world around us and a full glossary of key words.

While the 24-set of books is primarily aimed at children aged five to ten years, the collection can be enjoyed by the whole family and there are even suggested activities from Mickey’s helpers to explore the topics further.

Planet Earth is available to buy for £2.99 with a voucher from your Morpeth Herald this week, but the adventure does not stop there as next week Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and the gang will guide you through the next book in the series, The Human Body.

Pharmacy Manager Nadeem Shah, who has recently opened HealthHut in Kirkhill, Morpeth, has enjoyed a preview of the book.

He said: “Disney, with its central theme of fun, family and adventure, has produced a lovely series of The Wonderful World of Knowledge. The Human Body is a book for everyone in the house to read and explore.

“The book is laid out as a two-page spread for each of the body systems and the descriptions are simple and use everyday examples, such as using a phrase like ‘overcoat’ for human skin to help children understand how the skin works.

“There are lots of examples through the book and there are very simple metaphors to help people understand the subject. I also like the amazing facts sections.

“There are sections such as keeping fit, healthy eating and building self-confidence, which are a good read for adults as well as children.”

He added: “I have other books at home on the same subjects, but I think this one gets full marks on my scale because it is not too big and it is quite consistent because each section is laid out in the same pattern — I think children quite like that kind of continuation from one subject to another.

“I would say if you haven’t got one, grab one and read it with your children or grandchildren.”

To buy this week’s book Planet Earth, take your voucher to a participating newsagent.

Copies of subsequent books in the series can also be reserved.