End of August means only one thing

WE’RE coming to the end of August. This means it’s time for arguably the greatest hero in fiction to hitchhike back into our literary worlds.

A Wanted Man is the 17th novel in the award-winning, highly-acclaimed Jack Reacher series.

Picking up after the harrowing events of Worth Dying For, Reacher will be trying to hitch a ride to Virginia. At 6ft 5ins, 250lbs, with hands like rocks and wearing a big overcoat, it’ll be hard to convince anyone to give him a lift, but Reacher is an improviser at heart. He never quits.

How does this story tie in with the events of Worth Dying For, and 61 Hours before that?

There’s indication that these three stories are all tied together, and there’s been a few unanswered questions.

Was Susan Turner really heading to Virginia at the end of 61 Hours? Will Reacher make it there? Has he become embroiled in one conspiracy too many?

What we can be sure of is Reacher won’t ever back down from a challenge, he won’t compromise his self-defined morals and we’ll be with him every step of the way, constantly hoping we too have learned to know the time without checking our watches.

A Wanted Man is out on Thursday, August 30.

If you order it at Waterstones before then you will get it half-price.