Evening with Vince was a joy

Sledging-One of Vince Rooker's images shown at Morpeth Camera Club.
Sledging-One of Vince Rooker's images shown at Morpeth Camera Club.

Morpeth Camera Club

ON February 4, vice chairman Glyn Trueman introduced Vince Rooker, the club’s Lifetime President, who gave a talk entitled An Evening with Vince.

The presentation included a range of the photographs he has taken over many years such as children sledging in powdery snow, wet dogs on the beach, horse jumping at Burgham and horses and hounds in Glanton.

His favourite location, Luskintyre Beach on the Isle of Harris, was the subject of many beautiful images, with channels of ever-changing light and sand patterns and cottages with mountains as a backdrop.

There were wonderful landscapes featuring Bamburgh, Dunstanburgh and Warkworth castles and night time shots of Northumbria University, with amazing reflected lights in glass.

Frosty scenes at Buttermere, misty views of the Dolomites surrounded by low cloud, autumn colours and the Grand Teton mountains reflected in lakes, dawn through the morning mist at Tangle Creak in Yellowstone National Park and the wonderful colours of calcified rock at Mammoth Falls were all included in the presentation. Next was the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland – there were pictures of light glinting on the sand, underwater sand patterns, blue and rust coloured rock formations and the bright colours of the houses and quirky pubs. Mr Rooker then showed some photographs taken in Belfast such as brightly coloured street paintings and happy images of friendly local children.

Interspersed with amusing anecdotes, the presentation concluded with his much admired still-life images that he produces, amazingly, with only the use of natural light, resulting in very atmospheric studies.

Mr Trueman thanked Mr Rooker for a wonderful presentation and the raffle and coffee concluded yet another brilliant evening at the club.

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