Far East visit in the picture

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Morpeth Camera Club

ON Tuesday, October 15, members welcomed Pax Garabedian, who gave a presentation entitled Samurais and Geishas which illustrated his trip to Japan travelling on the Nakasendo National Trail (Imperial Nara and Kyoto).

The trip took the group through regions where they could experience traditional Japanese life using local transport, trains, buses and taxis. They experienced living and eating traditions in typical teahouses of the region.

Mr Garabedian did an audio visual presentation set to haunting Japanese traditional and lively contemporary music, going from Tokyo to Kyoto on the trail and visiting ruins on the way. He photographed Tokyo night scenes, business centre life, the IT centre of the city and the Mejji Shrine. Next was Obuse, the Japanese gardens with exotic plants and fruit, and he also took pictures of monkeys at the hot springs and colourful images of the Japanese maples.

On to Matsumoto on the bullet train, he explained the polite customs used in everyday life, taking photographs at every opportunity. Images of traditional wooden houses and temples, flower exhibitions, adornments on doors, lucky cats, weavers at work, classical dancing, markets, portraits and wildlife and rickshaws were all included in his presentation.

A trip to the Hida-no-Sato World Heritage Site included visiting old villages with craftsmen at work, the water gardens and exotic chrysanthemums. In Kyoto, the cultural capital of Japan and its principal geisha training area, traditional dress, shrines, palm readers and street art contrasted with the ultra modern buildings, Kyoto Tower and the business area.

Amazing photographs of snow capped mountains, floodlit maples trees, misty hillsides, bamboo, fans, geishas and temples totally captured the atmosphere of the country.

Mr Garabedian was thanked by club chairman Steve McDonald for a very enjoyable representation of Japan and its traditions.

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