From TVs to giant diggers

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HAVE you ever wondered How Machines Work? Well this week’s instalment of Disney’s The Wonderful World Of Knowledge might just provide the answers you need.

The tenth book in our fascinating 24 encyclopaedic set will tell you about all manner of machines, from everyday items such as televisions and fridges to giant diggers and basic hand tools.

As with all of the titles in the beautifully illustrated series, favourite Disney characters help to guide children through the pages and there’s plenty of amazing facts and fun-packed details — perfect for the target five to ten-year-old readers, but also something the whole family can enjoy.

Next week, the magical journey continues with a close look at Reptiles and Amphibians.

While crocodiles and snakes might not be part of his everyday work, Morpeth River Warden Brian Parker knows all about frogs and other amphibians that can be found along the Wansbeck, and he often helps school parties learn more about the river life.

So he was more than happy to have a preview and tell us what he thought.

“The book is really good and the illustration is fantastic,” he said.

“The illustration is really very eye-catching for children, but the descriptions of the animals might be a bit much for younger children. My granddaughter, who is four, liked looking at the book, but I think she was a bit lost when I was reading the descriptions.

“Having said that, for children of six or seven upwards, it will be good for them. Overall, I think it’s excellent — a really good book.”

Each book in the collection costs £2.99 and is available with the Morpeth Herald from participating newsagents.

If you have missed a title, call into our office in Newgate Street, Morpeth, or ring us on 01670 517171 and we can arrange for copies to be provided.