Fruity show is the apple of our eyes

TOP tipples will be available to try at the seventh International Ciderfest in Hebron.

The event takes place at Hebron Village Hall on Saturday.

And all the food contains an apple ingredient, from the soup and side dishes to the main meals and desserts, which are all cooked by the in-house villager bakeries.

Parsnip and apple soup, red cabbage and apple side, Normandy pork, Somerset Cider chicken, curried apple chicken and an assiette of apple desserts can all be washed down with Hebron-brewed cider on tap, plus sparkling and dry apple wine on the tables.

The entertainment is home-made with the Hebronettes Singers and others accompanied by local musicians and the popular Cider Quiz will be delivered as always by the village’s resident MC.

The event starts at 7pm.