Gadgy turns crusty!

Melanie Glenton with the gadgy bread.
Melanie Glenton with the gadgy bread.

A NEW Morpeth shop has come up with a scrumptious snack in honour of a town treasure.

Staff at Glenton’s Morpeth Bakery in Newgate Street have made Morpeth Gadgy bread, complete with a hat, eyes and a nose.

The creation is proving popular with customers at the family business, which opened in Morpeth in mid-December following the closure of The Chantry Pantry.

Owner Keith Glenton said: “I was looking to put something a bit unusual in the shop window to attract people so we decided to make a man out of bread.

“A Morpeth person is traditionally known as a Morpeth Gadgy and there is also the Gadgy character who dresses up for special town events so that’s where the name for the bread comes from.

“We’ve sold a good number of them and they have received quite a lot of attention from customers and passers-by, including a few laughs.”

Mr Glenton has been in the baking industry for many years. But he wanted to return to traditional craft bakery so he started his own business.

“I wanted to get back to what I enjoyed — making bread the traditional way by first fermenting the dough, which not many people do nowadays,” he said.

“We wanted to expand the business and we chose Morpeth as it’s the place of the moment. Also, I think Newgate Street is the main foody place in the town centre so the unit is a good fit for us.”

The Morpeth Gadgy is a character created by Roland Bibby for the annual Morpeth Northumbrian Gathering.

And what does the man currently playing the role, Alex Swailes, think of the bread creation?

“A friend bought me a piece and I have to say it was absolutely delicious, especially when you dip it in some Northumbrian broth,” he said.

“I think it’s a great idea and hopefully it will help to give a little added impetus to this year’s Gathering, which runs from April 29 to May 1.”