Get sporty with Mickey

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FEELING sporty? Well this week’s title in Disney’s The Wonderful World of Knowledge might help everyone to shape up.

For next stop on the magical journey into discovery is the arena of Sport.

From common ball games to adventurous hang-gliding, this book has it all covered — and Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Pluto are happy to try them out, bringing the pages to life with colourful illustrations and comical cartoons.

There are plenty of amazing facts along the way and suggested activities for the whole family to try.

Next week the fascinating encyclopaedic set for five to ten-year-olds continues with Children Of The World, celebrating the diversity of the world’s population.

Whether they live in city apartments, jungle villages or lonely farms, the book shows how children’s lessons and games have a common theme across the globe as they prepare to become the grown ups of tomorrow.

Morpeth schoolchildren had a preview of the book and told us what they thought.

Sarah Bambrick said: “This book has good pictures, which gives a lot of colours and brilliant information.

“Every page has everything you need to know, not a single thing is missed out and every page has an amazing fact.

“I would recommend this book. Children aged six to 11 would love it. Children at school or home would definitely read it, even adults could like it.”

Hugh O’Brien said: “These books contain a lot of information. They are bright and colourful. The Disney idea is a bit cheesy, but great.

“I would recommend this book to children aged eight to 11. Children would love this book because it’s exciting.”

And Tom Butler said: “In this book the front page says it all, exciting and full of colour, but this book also contains fantastic information.

“On every page there are Disney characters to go along with the information, which is great for small children. This book should also appeal to a wide age range for children and adults.”

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