Halloween launch for author’s latest DCI Ryan murder mystery

 L J Ross (Louise Ross) e-book literary bestseller pictured at her home in Bath, Wiltshire picture by Gareth Iwan Jones
Author L J Ross (Louise Ross) e-book literary bestseller pictured at her home in Bath, Wiltshire picture by Gareth Iwan Jones

Bestselling crime author LJ Ross is delivering an extra special spine-tingling treat for fans of her fictional detective DCI Ryan.

The Ponteland-born ‘Queen of the Kindle’ has chosen the spookiest day of the year, Halloween, to pre-release her latest DCI Ryan murder mystery.

Kielder Observatory.

Kielder Observatory.

Dark Skies, the seventh book in the million-selling DCI Ryan series, is due to be published on December 10 in both e-edition and paperback.

But the thriller, set around Kielder, is being made available to pre-order on Amazon as an e-edition on October 31.

And if past form is anything to go by, Dark Skies looks set to follow the success of its predecessors and race straight to the top of the Amazon eBook chart on pre-orders alone.

Ms Ross said: “Dark Skies takes its name from Kielder’s international gold standard dark sky status, offering as it does an awe-inspiring cosmic panorama of millions of stars in an age when light pollution denies this magical spectacle to so many people.

Dark Skies by LJ Ross

Dark Skies by LJ Ross

“The area really starts to come into its own now the nights are getting darker and longer, and Halloween seemed the perfect time to pre-release Dark Skies as it not only deals with a particularly haunting murder that has lain hidden for decades, but it also throws the spotlight on what a magical and unique place Kielder is.

“All my DCI Ryan books have been deliberately set in picturesque locations across Northumberland and County Durham as I love North East England and I want my readers to as well.

“I know that many have been inspired to visit the North East by the DCI Ryan books, and I would love to think Dark Skies, the odd murder aside, would encourage them to discover Kielder for themselves and the breathtaking sight that awaits in the heavens above.”

This time DCI Ryan is investigating a decades old death after the preserved body of a young man who went missing in the early 1980s as Kielder Valley was being flooded to form what is the UK’s largest artificial lake is discovered by scuba divers.

Against the backdrop of the reservoir, Europe’s largest man-made forest, and the night sky shimmering with billions of stars and planets, DCI Ryan finds himself battling against a dangerous protagonist hovering between madness and sanity, who will do anything to hide the truth as dark, long buried secrets are brought to light, old wounds reopened, and childhood friendships tested to breaking point.

LJ Ross spoke at Althorp Literary Festival about how to gather the courage to get started on writing.