Heritage holds on for a new cabinet

A NEW heritage exhibition space will open in Morpeth — as soon as the cabinet arrives.

After almost two years of talks and work behind the scenes, a new display cabinet will be put in the Butter Market of Morpeth Town Hall.

The cabinet will enable displays of Morpeth’s historic collections to be put on public show through a series of rolling exhibitions, beginning with artefacts from King Edward VI School this week.

The theme will change in May to Sporting Morpeth and in June will largely focus on the Morpeth Olympics.

The project has come about through the Morpeth Heritage Collections Steering Group, which is made up of several local organisations including the Friends of Morpeth Museum, which bought the cabinet, Morpeth Antiquarian Society, the Greater Morpeth Development Trust, Morpeth Town Council, Northumberland County Council and The Woodhorn Trust, as well as private collectors.

It had been planned to open the exhibition tomorrow (Friday) to tie in with the relaunch of Morpeth at the end of town centre roadworks, but the cabinet did not arrive by its scheduled date on Tuesday and was still not there when the Herald went to print.

Steering Group Chairman Ken Brown said: “We are disappointed with the supplier as it has let us down, but hopefully they will put it right and we will be able to open the display on Friday. It is looking tight, though.

“We will be able to open the exhibition within 24 hours of receiving the cabinet, so it should be here very soon.”

He added: “This is the first step of an incremental approach to what might lead to a heritage centre in the town. It is a small step at first, one cabinet which will accommodate some exhibitions, but importantly it will enable us to get feedback from people who visit to provide evidence that it is worth doing and there is an appreciation of the story that is there to tell of the heritage of the town.

“It will open the possibility of getting a second cabinet and may show that there is a bigger story to tell that we need a heritage centre for.

“It is all leading to the next step of this incremental approach.”