Heritage opens its doors to residents

HERITAGE attractions in Northumberland are being invited to sign up for free public access later this year.

The annual Heritage Open Days are a huge success, allowing thousands of residents free access to buildings and monuments that are normally closed, restricted or charge for admission.

Last year more than 130 sites across the county took part in the event, with talks and tours about history and culture also included.

However, Northumberland County Council and the Woodhorn Trust, which are organising this year’s event in September, hope that even more will join in.

Council Executive Member for Customer Relations and Culture Neil Bradbury said: “Last year over 130 sites and events were open to the public in Northumberland making it one of the most accessible counties in England.

“Heritage Open Days is a great way to attract visitors to our county and for local people to share their history.

“If you have a property or are part of a cultural activity that you think people would like to experience, please get in touch with us. We want to make this year’s event better than ever.”

The event runs from September 8 to 11, but attractions can open at any time over the four days.

For more information visit www.heritageopendays.org.uk or call 0844 3351884.