How’s this for a fairy story?

Fairy photos from Linda Barron.
Fairy photos from Linda Barron.

DO you believe in fairies?

If you believe, clap your hands, for now the colourful creatures may have been captured on camera.

Pegswood resident Linda Barron took these sensational snaps on a trip to Killhope Lead Mine and Woods in County Durham.

But it was only when she got home and viewed the pictures on her computer that she realised there was something strange.

“I was just walking along taking pictures and this is what I got,” she said.

“It was about three o’clock in the afternoon and the sun was shining through the wood.

“I didn’t see anything at all when I was taking the pictures — they were just rushed photographs as I walked along the path because the rest of the people I was with had started making their way back to the cars.

“It was only when I got home and my husband brought them up on the computer that there were these marks.

“I was annoyed because I thought they had ruined the pictures, but my son made them bigger on the screen and you could see the fairy shapes.

“You can see them on four different photographs. I just wish I had seen them with my own eyes.

“I can’t sleep properly for thinking about them and I keep looking at the pictures every day.

“They might be something, they might not be, it’s up to other people what they think.”

Mrs Barron took the pictures on her Nikon Digital SLR camera on her first visit to the attraction with the BMW Club at the end of March.

But it was only after she showed them to a professional photographer, who couldn’t give a technical explanation for them, that she had the confidence to make them public.

“I took them to a photographer to see if I had done something wrong with the camera or if it was lens flare or something and he couldn’t explain it. He said he had never seen anything like it before,” she said.

“People have their different views about the pictures depending on whether they believe in fairies or not, but I love watching their faces as they go through them.”

The 52-year-old returned to the woods recently, visiting at the same time of day, to see if she could re-create the images, but to no avail.

However, she has since read up on the area and discovered that it does have a reputation for such fairy tales.

She said: “When I looked on the internet there were lots of things saying the woods are noted for Tommyknockers and fairies and ghosts.

“I wasn’t aware of the stories at all when I went there, but it makes you wonder.”

She added: “I couldn’t say I believe in fairies, but I would like to think there might be something in it. I’m just open-minded about everything. I have to say though, this has got me interested much more.”

Killhope museum has confirmed that there have been many unusual sightings in the woods.

Manager Mike Boase said: “There are many stories locally involving all sorts of sightings and although we have not seen any fairies ourselves, we are delighted to hear that there may be some photographic evidence and look forward to seeing it.

“Previous images have captured small shining orbs of light and who knows, maybe they are fairies? It is certainly something we wouldn’t dismiss.”