Ideas that changed the world

THERE’S a blooming marvellous addition to Disney’s The Wonderful World of Knowledge this week as we find out why Plants Are Amazing.

From flowers to trees and fungi to shrubs, this colourful title has it all covered, and Mickey Mouse and friends help to show just how fun plant life can be.

The book, which is part of a fantastic 24-set encyclopaedia, explains the processes of plants, how they work, soil types and different species of plants, as well as their weird and wonderful survival techniques, plant oddities and how we use plants in everyday life.

Some plants are meat eaters, some can be made into fireworks and some can soothe pain — it’s all explained in this book, among the amazing facts and suggested follow-on activities.

The collection is aimed at children aged five to ten years, but the whole family can enjoy finding out more about the world around them and the vital role plants play in all our lives.

Next in the series is Great Inventions, which takes a closer look at some of the inspirational ideas that have improved our work and leisure time.

Morpeth Year 4 pupil Tom Butler was certainly impressed when he was given a sneak preview.

“Your books are fab with great information,” he said.

“The colour and pictures are full of adventure. If a little child picked it up with lots of writing, but they loved the pictures, they would learn from all the writing and information.

“The only problem is that the Disney pictures may mean that older children think it will be for little children when, in fact, it would be suitable for children up to adults.

“The diagrams are good, but some of the writing could be bigger in size.

“The blurb gives a good idea of what it’s about and makes you want to read it. The contents could be at the front of the book, but it’s easy to use.

“Overall, the book has amazing facts and it’s full of fun. Everyone would enjoy this book and smile at the Disney pictures.”

Each book in the series costs £2.99 with the Morpeth Herald and is available from participating newsagents.

If you have missed a title, simply visit our office in Newgate Street, Morpeth, or call us on 01670 517171 and we can arrange for copies to be provided.