Janet tells story of love and glory

AmyMacLeod Trotter,  For Love and Glory author Janet MacLeod Trotter from Morpeth and John Mew from Dinnington
AmyMacLeod Trotter, For Love and Glory author Janet MacLeod Trotter from Morpeth and John Mew from Dinnington

A MORPETH historical novelist has taken a shorter journey than usual into the past to mark the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War.

Janet MacLeod Trotter is best known for her North East novels about social and political upheavals from the last century.

But now she has turned her attention to more modern times with For Love and Glory.

The story tells the tale of a Wallsend teenager who has a special bond with her rebellious friend Mark. When Mark is called up to serve in the Falklands, tragic family secrets come to light that could threaten their future.

The author was helped in her research by her family, while her daughter Amy, 22, features on the cover of the book, continuing a theme where old photographs of her ancestors are used for her work.

Ms MacLeod Trotter said: “The novel is set in Wallsend on the River Tyne where my husband’s family come from. I have them to thank for much of the background information on this vibrant community where many of the world’s greatest ships were built, including many that took part in the Falklands campaign.

“In fact, the ship portrayed in the story is called HMS Gateshead, emphasising the local connection even further.

“The Falklands material was inspired by veterans I’d read about — ordinary people who’d shown extraordinary courage long after the short war was over and out of the news.”

One of those she spoke to was her friend John Mew, from Dinnington, who served on HMS Coventry, which was hit by three Argentinian bombs and sank with the loss of 27 crew.

Mr Mew said: “I will never forget the horrific things I witnessed in the South Atlantic.

“I am very proud of the time I served in the Royal Navy and was only too glad to give Janet technical advice about my experiences during the conflict.”

Ms MacLeod Trotter is hoping her latest work will build on the success of her previous novels, which have been brought to new readers through e-books.

All three of her books in The Jarrow Trilogy, based on the early life of Catherine Cookson, are in the Kindle top 100 of Amazon’s e-book chart, which features about a million books.