Jess puts a whole year into focus

Jessica Keating and her dog Inca.
Jessica Keating and her dog Inca.

IF a picture tells a thousand words, a Ponteland teenager has shared a visual novel with the world after uploading a photo for every day of the year.

Jess Keating has recently completed the challenge of taking 365 consecutive photographs on life-sharing social media platform Blipfoto after hearing about it from her aunt, who also uses the website.

The simple concept, which started in 2004, is based on uploading just one new photo taken that very day to your journal. Some people do this every day and others as often as they can.

The 16-year-old’s submissions included wildlife shots, landscapes and portraits and she is glad that she stuck with it to the end.

“I had never tried doing a daily photo diary before Blipfoto, but had followed others doing this and I thought it was worth a try,” she said.

“I did attempt a 52-week project but that only lasted until the third week – goodness knows how I then managed to up the frequency to one a day and succeed.”

“It just seemed like such a big challenge and I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep up the commitment of taking a photo a day, especially in the exam periods at school where I knew I would have much less free time.

“I have experienced the feeling of wanting to throw in the towel and just admit defeat but now that I have finished, I am so glad I persevered and am happy with the results of my hard work. It’s quite strange to know that I have a whole year of my life documented in photographs.

“I seem to delete a lot less of what I take, so if that is a sign that my photography is better, then my skills have improved. As the project went on, I found it a lot easier to think of photo opportunities and ‘see’ things while out and about.

“The community on the site are very supportive too, especially on the ‘down days’ where it has either gone completely wrong in regards to photographs and lack of inspiration, or you are just having a hard time in general. It isn’t just about the photos, but the explanations that go with it.”

Contributors are now spread across more than 170 countries and the website receives over 17 million page views per month from tens of thousands of users.

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