Judges back to school

THE Morpeth Camera Club meeting of Tuesday, March 20, which was hosted by Vice Chairman Steve McDonald, had a ‘School for Judges’ theme.

Previously, he had invited members to submit a photograph on the theme of ‘Unexpected Reflections’. The authors were then requested to take a judge’s eye view of their image – explaining their inspiration for taking the photograph and where it was taken.

They were asked to score their image on a scale of one to 10 for whether it conforms with the brief, quality of image, emotional impact, and if it was an original idea.

These pictures were submitted to three independent judges, who judged the photographs on the same criteria.

Mr McDonald collected all this information together and presented the results for members to view. It resulted in a very interesting study, comparing four judges’ views on the same image, highlighting the differences in their views and opinions.

This was one of a series of monthly challenges that have been arranged and presented by Mr McDonald. The next and final challenge of the season is entitled Cats and Dogs.

In essence this is to go and find one or more photogenic cats or dogs and capture a set of three different images with some kind of connection.

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