Ladies choir pays fitting tribute

Emily Inspires! day in Morpeth.' Werca's Folk. Ref:JCMH 150613emily42
Emily Inspires! day in Morpeth.' Werca's Folk. Ref:JCMH 150613emily42

THE centennial commemorations for Emily Wilding Davison would not have been the same without local women’s choir Werca’s Folk.

The group has been involved in the Emily Inspires working group and has played a key part both in promoting the Morpeth events across the region and taking a leading role in delivering them.

The choir kicked off the centennial weekend with a sell-out concert on Thursday and continued to entertain on Saturday, with a set in the Market Place. Members took part in the procession to St Mary’s Church, where they were involved in the service and in the graveside tributes to the Suffragette.

Director Sandra Kerr said: “We have been very heavily involved in the programme. It just fits very well with what we are about.

“We have always had a reputation for reflecting women’s issues, women’s lives, women’s experiences, hopes and dreams, and Emily is part of that. She is very much part of our story. We have been very excited to have been involved so much.”

Ms Kerr’s first composition when she moved to Morpeth 25 years ago was a song called Emily Davison, inspired by her then neglected grave, which was later restored.Now she has written another piece, Emily Inspires Us Yet, to mark the centenary of her death.

“The first song I wrote when I moved to the area was about Emily when I heard that she was buried in Morpeth,” she said.

“I went to the churchyard and the grave and at that stage the grave was in a very bad state. It was really quite distressing for the fact that Emily hadn’t been honoured as she should have been, but now she has it is fantastic.”