Larry’s glimpse beneath the waves

Morpeth Camera Club

LARRY Bedigan, President of the Tynemouth Photographic Society, was guest speaker at the Morpeth Camera Club meeting on October 16.

He presented a show entitled An Underwater World. It provided a glimpse beneath the waves with a selection of colourful underwater marine images.

Mr Bedigan has been diving for 35 years in areas including the Red Sea, Persian Gulf and Cuba and club members were treated to a selection of very colourful images taken at depths of 40m using wide-angle and macro lenses.

The talk included his methods of taking photographs in such difficult conditions, as well as the use of additional lighting, breathing apparatus and decompression.

His photographs illustrated the magical colours of underwater marine creatures, soft corals, giant clams and moray eels, lion fish, anemone, stingray, and the radiant colours of stone fish, emphasizing that although they are extremely beautiful, many are very dangerous.

Mr Bedigan concluded his presentation with an illustration of behavioural patterns and the effectiveness of camouflage in an environment where, for its inhabitants, self preservation is an everyday necessity.

He was thanked by Chairman Dave Illingworth for a wonderful presentation.

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