Leek club knows its onions


THE year may have thrown up some tricky growing conditions, but it was not to prevent another successful Middleton and District Leek Club Show.

The event at Middleton Village Hall was well supported by locals, who both exhibited and visited the show, and hundreds of pounds was raised for the club.

About £800 was raised from the tombola, raffle and grocery parcels, while an auction of produce generated a further £370.

The baking section was a hit, with good numbers of entries.

However, the flower section was well down this year, and there were also fewer vegetables shown, while the quality of the leeks was variable.

Andrew Elliott, who helps to organise the show, said: “We were very pleased with the level of support for the show.

“The locals all turned up and took part.

“We had a good attendance at the auction and made about £370, which is very good considering everybody is tight for money these days.

“This summer everybody’s flowers seemed to come too quickly for the show and the vegetables had suffered from the wet weather earlier in the year.

“There were some very good leeks, but again it was a funny year and some were just the size of carrots.”

The club’s AGM takes place at the Ox Inn in Middleton on Sunday, at 8pm. New members will be welcome.


Winners of sections

Leek show: R Murdy; Best leek: E Foley; Intermediate leek: E Foley; Dressed onions: A Douglass; Vegetables: J Mills; Flowers: R Murdy; Industrial: A Douglass; Children: C Mitchell; Heaviest onion: R Murdy; Most improved stand: A Elliott.

Leek Positions

1 R Murdy, 249.12 cube; 2 M&J Summerscales, 248.23; 3 A Douglass, 180.86; 4 E Foley, 166.01 (best leek); 5 A Elliott, 124.42; 6 P Hedges, 119.1; 7 A Mitchell, 105.53; 8 T Middlemiss, 88.05; 9 J Bertram, 86.11; 10 K Fortune, 85.93; 11 T Garnett, 82.61; 12 J Mills, 69.06; 13 P Fairless, 53.38; 14 A Scott, 40.98; 15 L Thompson, 40.17; 16 N Winslow, 30.97; 17 R Bell, 23.94; 18 B Robson, too long; 19 I Johnson, too long; 20 D Mitchell, too long; 21 T Bell, too long; 22 S Butters, too long.

Intermediate leek: 1 E Foley, 2 J Mills, 3 L Thompson.

Dressed onions: 1 A Douglass, 2 R Murdy, 3 J Bertram.


Beetroot: 1 J Bertram, 2 J Mills, 3 S Butters; Onion sets: 1 J Mills, 2 R Murdy, 3 J Bertram; Tomatoes: 1 and 2 J Mills, 3 S Fortune; Kidney potatoes: 1 J Mills, 2 J Bertram, 3 A Douglass; Round potatoes: 1 and 2 J Mills, 3 J Bertram.

Carrots: 1 and 2 J Mills, 3 J Bertram; Cucumber: 1 A Douglass, 2 J Bertram; Celery head: 1 J Mills; Five group of veg: 1 J Mills, 2 J Bertram, 3 A Douglass.

Funny shaped veg: 1 A Douglass, 2 R Murdy; Turnip/swede: 1 A Douglass, 2 R Murdy; Heaviest onion: 1 R Murdy, 2 A Elliott.


Bunch of border flowers: 1 H Elliott; Pompom dahlias: 1 and 2 R Murdy; Bunch of decorative dahlias: 1 R Murdy; Gladioli spikes: 1 and 2 A Douglass.

Pinks/carnations: 1 and 2 R Murdy; Sweet peas: 1 R Murdy, 2 A Douglass, 3 H Elliott; Chrysanthemums: 1 R Murdy; Floral decoration: 1 H Elliott.


Plain scones: 1 R Murdy, 2 A Douglass; Fruit scones: 1 L Thompson, 2 and 3 A Douglass; Cheese scones: 1 L Thompson, 2 A Douglass, 3 R Murdy; Rock buns: 1 A Douglass, 2 H Elliott, 3 R Murdy; Gingerbread: 1 and 2 R Murdy, 3 A Douglass.

Quiche: 1 A Douglass, 2 L Thompson, 3 H Elliott; Apple pie: 1 R Murdy, 2 A Douglass, 3 H Elliott; Shortbread: 1 V Elliott, 2 H Elliott, 3 A Douglass; Plain filled sandwich cake: 1 H Elliott, 2 V Elliott, 3 J Summerscales; Chocolate cake: 1 V Elliott.

White/brown bread: 1 J Summerscales; Fruit cake: 1 J Summerscales, 2 L Thompson; Toffee: 1, 2 and 3 A Douglass; Fudge: 1 and 2 A Douglass.

Raspberry jam: 1 H Elliott; Blackcurrant jam: 1 A Mitchel; Plum jam: 1 A Mitchel, 2 L Thompson; Lemon curd: 1 A Douglass, 2 L Thompson.

Children’s section

Favourite photo: 1 and 2 Cassandra Mitchel; Baked item: 1 and 2 Cassandra Mitchel, 3 Tania Bertram.