Less is more for challenge

Chance by Davy Bolam.
Chance by Davy Bolam.
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Morpeth Camera Club

ON Tuesday, March 26, Vice Chairman of Morpeth Camera Club Steve Mcdonald presented the results from the fourth, and last, of his successful series of club challenges that have taken place during the season.

Minimalism was the theme and members were asked to submit images where ‘a clear example of minimalist photography must be demonstrated in the composition’.

With no universal definition of minimalism, this was quite a task for the 14 members who accepted the challenge.

The results showed that a lot of thought and creativity had gone into the process of capturing a subject with few elements and free from distractions.

Throughout the evening, Mr Mcdonald commented on each of the 43 images as they were projected. The authors explained the thinking behind their work, together with the message they were trying to convey, and the audience joined in to discuss what they saw on the screen.

Mr Mcdonald then selected his top three images that in his opinion met the criteria of the challenge. In first place was Chance by Davy Bolam, Dave Illingworth’s photograph The Whirley Bit was second and third went to Y Equals X Squared by Jenny Lamb.

The wide range of subject matter and individual members’ interpretations of minimalism made for a captivating evening of photography.

The Vice Chairman’s Challenges have given club members the opportunity to try something different and encouraged those that wished to do so to develop and diversify their photographic skills.

They have also provided an opportunity for those who want to push themselves and get some informal feedback on their images.

For more information about the club, including its programme, gallery and events, visit www.morpeth cameraclub.co.uk