Let’s dance!

THE stage is set for a Dance, Drama and Music extravaganza as the magical journey continues into Disney’s The Wonderful World of Knowledge.

This week’s book in the fantastic encyclopaedia set takes a look at the different performing arts in countries around the world.

And of course, your favourite Disney characters are there to add more fun to the fascinating facts.

The book begins by looking at the story of dance, from European folk dances to rain dances and war dances, such as the famous Maori Haka.

It waltzes through colourful dance dramas, ballet and ballroom, before moving on to puppet shows, the plays of ancient Greece and Christian pageants from medieval Europe.

There is a backstage look at theatre, a trip to the circus and a glimpse at the world of opera.

Musical instruments are explained, including more unusual ones such as nose flutes from the Pacific islands, and there are also sections on the different types of music that people enjoy the world over.

Next week the focus shifts to Famous People.

Morpeth has its own share of famous people, such as Suffragette Emily Wilding Davison, naval hero Admiral Collingwood and Father of English Botany William Turner, but this book features some of those from further afield.

There are those from the ancient world, such as Roman Emperor Julius Caesar and Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. It covers leaders of nations, from Gandhi to Churchill, as well as famous scientists, inventors, engineers, pioneers of flight, great teachers, medicine pioneers and helpers and healers.

On the arts side there are artists, poets and writers. There are musicians, film makers, entertainers and sports stars.

This title gives a brief introduction to them all.

Each book in the series costs £2.99 with the Morpeth Herald and is available from participating newsagents.

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